A proper breed of pigs from the Marche region has never existed, but it is emerging today.

With meticulous cross-breeding based on a careful selection of pigs, we are establishing a new genotype and its distinctive characteristics.

We are finally realizing the possibility of defining a pig that is exclusively from the Marche region, an animal that is fully in tune with the natural characteristics of this territory.

SUINO DELLA MARCA comes from a three-way cross-breeding scheme relying on the CINTA SENESE, an indigenous breed known for its rustic nature, the LARGE WHITE, a breed with high maternal aptitude, and the DUROC, a breed with adequate meatiness. The result is a specific proprietary genetic lineage.

This sustainable breeding technique does not rely on genetic engineering, but rather follows natural developments. The meticulous process of improvement satisfies the breeder and guarantees the right yield from the work. SUINO DELLA MARCA meets today’s market demands due to the quality of the supply chain and, above all, its tasty meat, with balanced marbling and marked flavours.


An ancient, rustic, and frugal breed, whose structure is particularly adapted to grazing, and therefore either wild or semi-wild breeding outdoors. It produces high-quality meat.


This is the most common pig in Italy. It is very prolific and grows fast. The sows have an excellent mothering disposition and consistent milk production that enables them to carry large litters to weaning.


Originally from the United States, this is a large breed prized for its good reproductive characteristics and remarkable robustness, which also makes it suitable for outdoor breeding. It offers meat with abundant marbling, texture, and tenderness.