A sustainable livestock model,
a new one regional excellence

The various natural and food resources that have always marked the Marche region can now boast a new distinctive brand. The new SUINO DELLA MARCA project was created in Poggio San Marcello, in the inland area of the Province of Ancona, in a herd that meets all the project criteria, carrying it towards native breed status. The project is set in a hilly habitat in the pre-Apennine area, in a typical landscape that is ideal for the birth and development of a rustic animal, the bearer of equally unique genetic traits.

The principles of extensive breeding, which involves the presence of people and animals on marginal areas, not only helps to limit soil erosion, but also represents a valuable opportunity to enhance forgotten areas and boost the local economy by creating new jobs. These contexts offer solid prerequisites for the promotion and future spread of a virtuous model through training and educational initiatives designed to involve the scholastic world.

Sustainable pig farming applied to the territory is a paradigm that can be replicated not only in the breeding and food/agriculture sectors, but also with a view to cultural and tourism development.

SUINO DELLA MARCA is a product of undeniable interest to public and private bodies, trade associations, and agritourism facilities.